The Darkest Tree – HINTS (#1)

Where are you when the game starts?

You just arrived in a small village in the Tuscan hills in search of a missing journalist friend – who disappeared while he was looking for traces of a potential serial killer.
He is also you’re wife’s brother so you’re doubly worried about his lack of contacts.
When you were near Albero Nero (one of the last places he wrote in his notes) your car stopped, so you reached the small town on foot. An old man saw you, called the local garage to recover your car and suggested the only hotel in town.

Hints are in background color – to read them, just select the text :-)


How should I start?
Your main goal is to track down Giulio, of course. So you can start to check if Giulio really is or stayed in Albero Nero.
It won’t be too difficult if you wouldn’t prefer not to ask about him directly, because you and your wife Maria think he may be missing, because of the serial killer he was hunting, that may be there.

I walked around and I didn’t find him
The town is small and there’s just ONE hotel. If he stayed there, it’s probable he slept in the same place.
Not wanting to ask, you may try to check the register, for instance

Ok, now I know he had a room in this hotel, and which one it is. What now?
You should try to enter his room, and see if he left notes or anything you can use to find him.

How can I go into room 101?
You need a key. If you don’t find his (maybe he still has it with him) you have to find another one.
Maybe there’s a spare one around, or maybe there’s something different – that hotel staff uses to enter in each room.

How can I go into room 101 – really?
The librarian – who’s not so well, lately, they say – is doing a second job. She’s helping his sister cleaning up the hotel when there’s the need for that. So she’s probably the owner of a skeleton key. To lure her around, give her something she craves for

My cellphone doesn’t work, and I want to call Maria. How can I do it?
Easy. There’s a public phone nearby.

Public phone doesn’t work, even the bartender says so
In Italy owners of public places are more willing to help customers

I walked around but I’m stuck. Even church is closed.
Today is a special day in Albero Nero. Try to talk to people. Church, for instance, it will open in the morning as soon as the sacristan finishes his duty

Is there something more to do I’m still missing?
Plenty. Did you go – as suggested – to the public library? Did you try to see how damaged your car is?

Oh. Even the garage is closed!
Yes. The mechanic went to take your car from the road. Give it time. Maybe it’s a wise idea to ask about how long he usually took for this kind of gig, isn’t it?

I saw a car that looks familiar somewhere
Good. Check it, when you can. Remember you’re trying to find Giulio’s traces. He arrived there by car.

His smartphone is off charge!
Yes. Smartphone batteries last few days even in best conditions (your cellphone will last longer, just to say it). What’s the matter anyway? You just have to charge it. With his charger – and I used his and not its for a reason

What about the pin?
Don’t you know it? He’s your best friend! No? Well, maybe someone else you both know can at least have a hint about it

I’ve seen what’s on Giulio’s smartphone. What then?
Now you discover something you need to check further. The church can be a key to the mystery, together with an unknown guy and a forest path.
Maybe it would be wise, to start, to find a way to be able to enter the church when there’s nobody around.

How can I get access to the church when it’s closed?
Churches are not banks. There are spare keys, maybe even in accessible places. You just have to find a way to distract people if you want to snoop into furniture

How can I get access to the church when it’s closed – really?
Look at the candle table. It’s not stable. Maybe pushing or pulling you can find a task for the sacristan so compelling you’ll have a free moment for deeper checks.

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