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Ambulance Duty TURBO v 1.2 su GooglePlay

Ambulance Duty TURBO (home)
Ieri altro piccolo (ma interessante) aggiornamento ad Ambulance Duty TURBO – come sempre prima per la versione Android e poi per quella iOS. Le modifiche, fatte quasi completamente da Andrea Capitani, riguardano praticamente solo l’aspetto sonoro (debole al primo rilascio) e dovrebbero rendere più coinvolgente il gioco. Sono già pianificati almeno altri due o tre update – all’interno dei quali troverà spazio la gestione dell’accelerometro per il movimento (ci sarà una opzione per selezionare quel tipo di input, rispetto a quello touch), la classifica remota e qualche altra miglioria grafica. Stay tuned :-)

Ambulance Duty TURBO – now even on AppStore!

Ambulance Duty TURBO (home)
And, after just the normal review process time, Ambulance Duty TURBO (done for #charitygamejam in more or less 20 hours) is now also available free on AppStore. Universal App – so you can play it on you iPod/iPhone/iPad device. If you like it, please donate to charity :-)

Ambulance Duty TURBO (1.1)

Ambulance Duty TURBO

Just a day after its first release it’s already time for an update – and so, from official link  on Google Play – now you can find 1.1 version of Ambulance Duty TURBO. The change fixed a problem that occurred once you put your Android device on stand by, and changed the way the game works. Now (like in many other endless driving game) if you do an accident you simply stop your vehicle for a while – and you get a Game Over just if you run out of time.

Ambulance Duty TURBO on Google Play

Ambulance Duty TURBO

Just a small post to write the official link to Ambulance Duty TURBO page on Google Play :-)

And, yes, I just did a deploy :-) (AD Turbo #7)

Ambulance Duty TURBO

While there are still nine hours missing before the deadline for the #charitygamejam, I’m really happy to say that I’ve been able to press publish button on Google Android Dashboard few minutes ago (I used Andrea Capitani‘s account, as I usually do for Marco Giorgini Production games – and he did testing and building for this game, too). So I hope to be able to submit my entry on Charity Game Jam official site within half an hour (the time needed for the game link to be visible)

Ah, the game should work on phones, and 7 or 10 inches tablets. It’s free (of course) – but I’ll be glad if you consider donating to MSF thru it (that was the point, after all).

This is the official page for Ambulance Duty TURBO – so bookmark it (or come back here)  to see when also the iOS version will be on Apple Store (I developed that, but a week at least is needed for arriving on their store – and this if everything’s compliant)

A special thanks to Massimo Borri for his 3d models (Ambulance Duty TURBO would look poorer without them) and of course to Andrea Capitani, who supported me for Android related last minute fixes.

P.S. in case you wonder – this game (c code+openGL)  required me more or less 20 hours of work (coding and everything else – including time for creating or selecting gfx&music)

Less than 15 hours to the deadline (AD Turbo #6)

Ambulance Duty TURBO
Deadline is near and near – and so I’m trying to code / texture fast as I can AND I start to reduce the list of things I want to put in the first release of this game. I think I’m really near to a deploy point so it’s time for me to stop a little while (sunday night it’s my turn to make supper…) before trying to close everything.
This is the current situation, anyway, in case you were curious about that :-)

First tests on devices (AD Turbo #5)

Ambulance Duty TURBO (home)
A lot of work, today (hours I mean, and without being too sleepy), to complete the game structure, and to polish hud and home screen. I’m anyway a lot late with my own schedule – so tomorrow (or later on tonight, if I won’t come home too late) I’ll keep on running trying to finish everything before the deadline.

Keeping THAT in mind, today I’ve also done my first deploy on my iPhone/iPad to check if everything was fine (I mean, if it worked like on my PC), and few minutes ago I’ve shipped my source code + resources to Andrea Capitani, so to do a preliminary build even on Android (where I hope to do the first publishing – because there I won’t have to wait too much to see the app on the market).
Ah – today I’ve received another nice surprise from my friend Massimo Borri: a third 3d model! And this time it’s a truck :-) So I think I won’t need anything else for this first release (I’ll simply work on textures for these models, and I’ll work on background models and texture – once I’m ok with the coding).

Another step forward (AD Turbo #4)

Ambulance Duty TURBO (icon)
Ok, just some new screenshots – and, yup, the game icon. I’ll tell you more later on, but yesterday night working session has been another step forward for Ambulance Duty TURBO (a small game project, developed for #charitygamejam).
Ambulance Duty TURBO (home)This is a first draft for the home page.

Ambulance Duty TURBO (ingame)

And this is a new in-game screenshot – with *cars* – 3d modeled by Massimo Borri – an unexpected but very nice yesterday surprise :-)

Hear we later on today.


Test Driving in the “city” – (AD Turbo #3)

Ok, yesterday night (few hours ago…) I’ve done another step forward for Ambulance Duty TURBO (for #charitygamejam). Getting rid of the sample road model, I made the environment “dynamic” (based on 2D, multilayer, array/map – that I fill with elements), and I created (with my quick&dirty 3d companion, Wings3D) some basic palaces models (I didn’t care for texturing at the moment, but they won’t look gray boxes at the end).
I put a skyline at the horizon (a jpeg image I found – and color modified –  free, on TurboSquid – I’ll give credits in credits section once I’m sure I can use that), and I tried to have a camera (and a hud) similar to Outrun.
Ambulance (at the moment) drives faster and faster, and you can steer right or left clicking on the right/left area of the screen. I won’t allow you to go too outside the main road (I’ll slow you down once your ambulance start to leave it) and next step is to put other vehicles on the road against which you could collide.

Charity button

Anyway, I think I’ve decided to “connect” this little game to Medecins Sans Frontieres (I charity I give some money myself, from time to time) – and so Donate button I guess with link here.

More work tonight – when we’re leaving the “minus three days at the end” area. A note: of course I’ll finish (and publish, free, with Donate button) Ambulance Duty TURBO anyway, even if I won’t be able to put everything together before the deadline.

A new (better) ambulance model :-) (AD Turbo #2)

Ambulance 3D Model (by Massimo Borri)
Yesterday night I was not able to really work on Ambulance Duty TURBO – my little project for #charitygamejam – (I just started to do some test to find the right camera settings, and to put a skyline) but luckly for me my friend Massimo Borri was able (as I hoped :-)…) to send me an improved 3d ambulance model (he works with Blender) – so things will look a lot better. With a bit of luck tonight I should be able to do most of the (initial) work for the game, so to have something “playable” on my iPhone. I’ll keep you updated :-)

P.S. Massimo Borri is not only good with Blender (and other 3D modeling programs) but he’s also a gifted artist. If you want, you can follow his works on his Deviant Art account (yes, just one work at the moment – he will update that web place soon :-)…)

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