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A new exciting 3D arcade game now available for your portable device!

Find your way out from each level, looking for keys, using elevators and teleports, avoiding guards and lethal security systems, in order to get to the exit portal. Beware: time matters! Levels are flooding so you won’t have too much time to spare. But remember, if you really want to master this game, no bonus should be left behind.

Three worlds, with eight stages each, will challenge your skills, providing a fast-paced arcade/puzzle game, meant to entertain your taste for logic and action. Designed to fit your mobile phone as well as your tablet, this game will run even on old devices (including single touch ones).

Two different control kinds are available: a normal on-screen directional pad (that you can put on the left or on the right of the screen), or a swipe control (swipe to move, tap to stop, so you won’t need to take your finger pressed on your device all the time).

User interaction is kept as simple as possible: actions (using terminals, open doors, calling lifts) are done simply going in the direction of the items, so all you have to worry about is just to move your digital alter ego with speed, precision and, of course, the right timing.

in-game screenshots

roboXcape on iPad

roboXcape on iPad

roboXcape on iPhone4

roboXcape on iPhone4

Lite version

roboXcape Lite

roboXcape Lite

Lite, free version, with seven stages only, of roboXcape!

Available now on Google Play


Idea & Programming

Marco Giorgini + Andrea Capitani

3D engine

Marco Giorgini

iOS porting

Marco Giorgini

Android porting

Andrea Capitani

2d Graphics & gui

Marco Giorgini

3d Graphics

Cubix Studio + (main models)
Andrea Capitani (extra models)
Marco Giorgini (structures)


Parters in Rhyme


Public domain sounds


Marco Bellei
Davide Masinelli


Marco Bellei

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  1. Horlar says:

    I love marcogiorgini’s game

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