easySoccer Lite

easySoccer Lite

v. 1.3
(now on AppStore and on Android Market)
a soccer game for the pure of digital-heart

 In a time of hyper-realistic 3d soccer matches, here we are with a 2d, arcade, sweet taste of the past, able to join the obvious desire for a game able to offer a very good challenge, with the from-the-top view typical of the very first softwares of this kind. easySoccer will let you experience an easy to play / hard to master kind of entertainment, with three different game controls (virtual pad, accelerometer and – available on iPad only – touch’n’go), three difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard) and two game modes (arcade, and semi-arcade), for full feature matches that will keep you tied to your device, no matters what! And be aware that “easy” doesn’t mean that victory is always in reach. The proprietary arcade IA that moves your team members and the opponents will provide you with fun but paced actions, requiring your attention and gaming strenght, in order to win.

With its support for the latest release of OpenFeint you’ll be able to get achievements and challange your friend with remote leaderboards, with the chance to do it even thru GameCenter if that suits you better.

A must-have for those who learnt to play soccer on a 8-16bit field and now have more than their old home computer power right in their hands.


FULL version has several teams available (for two different tournament) while LITE has just four teams (Holland, Spain, Brazil and Germany)

FULL version has Quick Match, Tournment and Training while LITE has just Quick Match

FULL version has two half matches while LITE lets you play just the second half of a match (OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards are active)

FULL version let you choose between 3, 5 and 10 minutes as length for one half while LITE has 3 minutes as only choice

LITE version has not any specific, annoying, delay anywhere. It’s a good, free way to check if easySoccer is your soccer game for your iPhone/iPad device, before buying the full version.

– easySoccer is an universalApp – able to run on your iPhone/iPod (no retina display support, though) or on your iPad. The game on iPhone/iPod or on iPad is NOT the same. Thanks to the bigger screen you’ll find an extra game control, and, anyway, on iPad you’ll be able to play with a larger view of the field, enjoying a different game experience.

screenshots (iPhone)

Main Menu

Choose Game Mode

Choose Your Team: Brazil


Kick Off

in-game screenshot

screenshots (iPad)

Choose your team: Holland

in-game screenshot

easySoccer is released as a marcogiorgini.com production, but it’s a team work!
All the coding done by Andrea Capitani and Marco Giorgini.


Version history

v 1.1

– now a full match is available even on Lite version
– replay after goals
– improved goalkeepers AI skill
– other small adjustments in the game play
– possibility of social post after a match
– retina display support

One Response to “easySoccer Lite”

  1. Win says:

    This game’s so funny.
    It’s the game I play the most.
    I have some comments for your improvement.
    – Sometimes I aim on goal not to pass the ball but I get offside.
    – Add function to hit the ball by head. So we can play the ball in the air.
    – It’s hard to control the player run to the ball. I have to run very accurately to get the ball.
    I’m looking forward for your update.

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