Bloody Guillotine 3D

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An addictive and funny way to test your reflexes with your mobile device: check your finger-eye coordination with this simple game, which goal is to avoid increasing speed guillotine’s blade.

With a 3d environment, cute sounds and a (little) gore touch, you just have to put your finger on the screen, and stand still until the blade drops. Move too late and you’ll be cut, but waiting till the last milliseconds means to gain a better score, as it does to win more rounds in a row.

Enjoy :-) – it’s free – with just an initial splash screen with other MarcoGiorgini production apps you may consider to be worthy of your time.



Andrea Capitani


Andrea Capitani + Marco Giorgini

Android porting

Andrea Capitani

iOS porting

Marco Giorgini

3d Graphics

drykan (Guillotine) + AbbyGoldsmith (Gothic Square)


Parters in Rhyme


Public domain sounds


Marco Bellei
Davide Masinelli

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