A Skeleton Story (per KF Lab) (iOS only)

0.99 c – v. 1.6
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A great wind blows from the land of memory, bringing omens and old sensations. The Kingdom of the Dead, where everything seems bound to eternal rest, is troubled by some obscure presence, an intruder…something alive! A loving kitten’s going to make this world up-side-down!

Will Musil, the skeleton detective, is at his desk in his office…he’s deep in a restless sleep, hovering between his dream and the memories of his past life, still unaware of what lies ahead…

The famous comic book “A Skeleton Story …” has finally come to the AppStore! With its pleasant graphics already known to the fans of this comic book and its simple game-play, it will keep you stuck to play for hours! The game soundtrack will soon carry you in an enchanted, yet intriguing atmosphere, where you can challenge your friends thanks to the online ranking chart, or you can beat your record so to unlock various extra components in the game. 

Catch the kitten while jumping over the various buildings (Warning: Some are unsafe!) trying not to get killed by the enemies you meet on your way! Try to catch it as quickly as possible, collect many coins and boxes for further bonus, and surpass yourself! But be careful! If you hesitate too much, the kitten will run away and throw you off the scent not to be back again, so be quick and catch it!

There’s an infinite number of levels; it’s all up to you and your skills! Once you got the kitten, have a rest at Henry’s pub, where you can improve and upgrade your skills including: running, jumping, human time, ammo and so on! During the game you will find the Sprint bonus. Just take it, and you’ll be three times faster when running and shooting!

In addition, you will find the letters to form the name of W-I-L-L, and when you have all the letters in the name you’ll transform and become invincible for some time!

You will also find Extra items in the game, such as 38 exclusive wallpapers to download but beware, not all of them are available, so you’ll need to score higher and higher to unlock them one by one!

Unlock all the Achievements in Open Feint to get all the feint scores. Remember some of them are secret because just the very best of you fellas can unlock them… and you? Are you one of them?

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