Doomed Looters (HTML5 Version)



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CATEGORY: roguelike

Game Overview

No chance to leave that dungeon alive – but you will enter anyway, blinded by uncountable treasures and by the rush of the fight. A 2D classic action roguelike game for your mobile device, made for 2016 edition of 7DRL competition.
You can choose to play as a Thief, a Knight, a Wizard or a Barbarian, and your goal is to reach the deepest dungeon level you can, collecting items and defeating monsters. Food, healing and mana potions will help you in the way.
Doors and chests can be opened with skills or with sword, but, if you’re not a Wizard, you’ll need a Golden Key to open the gate to the next level.

HTML5 version powered by Emscripten


Marco Giorgini
All graphics by Marco Giorgini but flags, sacks, barrels and chests by Calciumtrice (
Whoozer and DrumLoop_1_64BPM written and produced by Ove Melaa (
iOS porting
Marco Giorgini
Android porting
Andrea Capitani
Andrea Capitani

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