Houdini Roadshow: straight rock’n’roll

Un mio amico mi ha segnalato una band che non conoscevo – un gruppo tedesco che fa un indie rock davvero spettacolare. Il loro primo/più recente album si può scaricare gratuitamente (e se non mi sono perso qualcosa, legalmente) da qui http://www.jamendo.com/it/album/21357 con la possibilità di fare un acquisto in un secondo momento.  Se vi piace il genere, ascoltate qualcosa dal loro Down in the city. Un album molto road, molto Supernatural (TV series). Molto bello.

Houdini Roadshow

HOUDINI ROADSHOW rides with the devil: Pushing a dangerous mix of sex, love and rock’n’roll, the Houdinis take you on a fantastic trip to the gates of Graceland and beyond. Burning down the highways in a truck from hell, there’s no stopping the show until they have you crying for mercy and begging for more.

Experience four slightly insane gentlemen with rock’n’roll in their veins turn the venue into a rattling snake pit of noise and dance. HOUDINI ROADSHOW wants you to go wild and they deliver the soundtrack to a night soaked with blood, sweat and tears.

The HOUDINIS show you a world filled with highheeled magic and handsome devils, where broken hearts in lost places indulge in reckless desire to escape the void and love is etched into the neon lights that rule the skies at night. So get the motor running, have the HOUDINIS blow your speakers and get out of this town…

HOUDINI ROADSHOW – straight rock’n’roll.


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