Boulder and Troubles – Hints

You’re Jim “Troubles” Raymond – back to school after two weeks in the hospital caused by a really terrible beating. Everybody tells you that your brothers (Sam “Boulder”) died during that event – but you cannot understand why they say so, considering that you talk with him every day.
Anyway, the first day with your schoolmates ended with you in detention for the whole afternoon, and you still had issues even there. So Mr. Edwards decided to separate you from the other kids locking you in classroom 101. You could have accepted that if Boulder didn’t say that you need to SAVE THE SCHOOL and you needed to do it as soon as possible.

Being the game relatively linear (few things can be done in a different order) hints are linear too. I hope this will work for you if you want help without risking to see too much at once.

How can you leave the room and reach the place Boulder told you about?
Well, reaching your destination may be complex, but leaving a room, on the first floor, is not hard. Open the window, and leave.
What? You’re not so sure about it, because you could not climb back if you need it? Ok, no worries. Take a sport scarf from the wall, and tied it to the window frame.
Trying to enter the school from the main door doesn’t work – because the school security chief (Mr. Parker) is in the hall.
So maybe you can check in the maintenance room – where there’s “friend” of your brother. Convince him you’re in charge, and take the room key. But while you’re there ask about Boulder belongings – there’s something you may find useful: his notebook. Surely the place in which he wrote about his businesses – but also in which he sketched some interesting tags
Once you have the key, go back in class, unlock the door, and here you are – free to move inside the school. Or not?
Mr. Edwards took Albert (the guy you punched while in detention) in the gym – so you have to wait for him to go back to the library with Hannah and Daniel.
So maybe you can go and talk to them and ask if they can help you somehow. It would be hard – pending issues between you and Hannah and historical problems between your brothers and everyone everywhere – but it would be possible.
After some chat, just go to the male toilet and wait for Daniel to come.
While in there you could check graphical elements inside toilets – on tanks, to be more specific. If you compare them to the sketches inside Boulder notebook you’ll find more than a simple resemblance.
Yes – Boulder likes to hide things all around – and he’s used to draw something specific, with a specific color on his hiding places. Once you know that it would be easy to recognize his secret places, wouldn’t it? Check them in the corridor. They can contain useful objects.
Once Mr. Edwards is back in the library you go to the gym – from there it should be easy to cross the gym field and reach the sports storage room.
But… uh… Albert is NOT back to the library with Mr. Edwards. And he’s not in a good mood, maybe also because of his swollen eye, but mainly because he had a recent loss and he thinks Boulder caused it. You can’t convince him Boulder is innocent, but you can show him that you’re not your brother, and you’re ok to help him to find the truth – or at least you won’t try to prevent the truth from being revealed. Being sure your brother is innocent – and alive – helps, but Albert didn’t need to know.
The metal door that separates the field from the storage is a trivial task: just check lockers in the changing room.
And tah-dah! you’ve finally arrived where Boulder asked you to go.
Even if there’s something really odd: he said Spike’s gang should have hidden there flammable materials and uh there’s OFFICIAL flammable material there (used for the sports fields…)

So, what’s really up?
Boulder hid there a lot of cash (his – and yours – ticket for a new life, but it’s really dirty money) and a hot gun. He had a plan, he needed to, because things started to go wrong one after the other. But then, well, you know that, don’t you?
Unluckily Spike and Redneck (the only ones left of the five guys that kidnapped you – as everybody keeps on repeating “Boulder is a beast”) arrive and their intentions are simple – killing you and get their things back. And they don’t care about the order of these two tasks.

How can you survive?
It’s tricky. You’re surrounded. But as Spike admits being a leader means also that it’s not bad if the others do things for you. So the one you have to strike and scare first is Redneck. He’s not unwilling – you can try things with him risking less than with Spike (SAVE BEFORE TRYING THINGS – DEATH IS EASY)
But if you use the gun (that, yes, is loaded) against him things will go smooth – or at least smootish.
Just keep in mind that staying alive is not the only thing that matters. You can play bad, or good. Your choice. But if you want to get rid of Boulder too – that choice will matter

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