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Kahrran’s Way: The Moon between the Trees

The making of
This is just a brief post – to open Kahrran’s Way thread on my site. But what’s that? Well – it’s the first episode of an iPhone fantasy game saga I’m working on at the moment (yes, while I’m waiting for last resources to finish A Skeleton Story – for KF Lab).
We’ll talk about it later on with more details, but just to give you an idea, well, KW want to be a hack & slash kind of game with some RPG elements (you won’t be able to choose your hero – but there are XP points, health, mana and power to deal with).
(main menu)
(three difficulty levels…)
Things are not nearby a release version – but there’s already a lot of stuff so I decided to put some news on-line – despite the fact some elements (even with graphics) are surely going to change (not so many, anyway)

(first two in-game screenshots)
Few notes:
– hud and menu graphics is my production
– hero & enemies of this episode have been bought by me from Wit Entertainment
– trees and some props you see in the game screenshots are from LostGarden and from Jar of Both sites have a lot of wonderful resources – some of them free to use (public domain or CC)

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