Super Black Hole

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“Captain’s Log: we’re trapped! This damned Black Hole appeared from nowhere and now we’re captured by its astonishing force. No way out.  But we’ll keep on with our engines at full throttle, as long as we can. Seconds. Minutes. We’ll go on till we won’t be able to avoid all this damned stuff falling into it, or we’ll loose power, what comes first.”

A frantic 3d game for your mobile device, where all you have to do is to stay alive (dribbling asteroids & satellites) rolling around a black hole gravity field. Pump up the music volume and enjoy the hypnotic rhythm, trying to master the four difficulty levels (normal, hard, harder and hardest)



Andrea Capitani&Marco Giorgini


Marco Giorgini

Android porting

Andrea Capitani

iOS porting

Marco Giorgini

3d Graphics

Andrea Capitani


Andrea Capitani + Partners in Rhyme


Public domain sounds


Giovanni Strammiello + Marco Bellei + Davide Masinelli

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