CubeWorld (iOS only)

freeware – v. 1.0.1

With this application you’ll be able to download, manage and experience 3D images using iPhone touch and accelerometer capabilities. Using its several options it will be possible to tune the interaction with 3D panoramas, so to make the immersion into the images environment a perfect step in the VR world.

CubeWorld can handle remote lists of panoramas, created with a very simple xml format, that can also be linked to other ones. This way, a VR photographer can easily share its own portfolio with a single link (that can be added to other lists too) changing and updating its content in an independent way, while the user can jump from a repository to another one simply following “virtual folders” inside the program, downloading and keeping – for off-line shows – what he likes most.

2 Responses to “CubeWorld (iOS only)”

  1. This app is nice, but it seems not updated for quite a while…:) do you plan to update the app and also include new-iPad compatibility?
    I’m willing to donate if you plan for updating this app.
    Thank you.

  2. Henri says:

    I liked this app a lot, indeed it may need an update. On the other hand there are apps like PangeaVR and iPano that work well!

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