First tests on devices (AD Turbo #5)

Ambulance Duty TURBO (home)
A lot of work, today (hours I mean, and without being too sleepy), to complete the game structure, and to polish hud and home screen. I’m anyway a lot late with my own schedule – so tomorrow (or later on tonight, if I won’t come home too late) I’ll keep on running trying to finish everything before the deadline.

Keeping THAT in mind, today I’ve also done my first deploy on my iPhone/iPad to check if everything was fine (I mean, if it worked like on my PC), and few minutes ago I’ve shipped my source code + resources to Andrea Capitani, so to do a preliminary build even on Android (where I hope to do the first publishing – because there I won’t have to wait too much to see the app on the market).
Ah – today I’ve received another nice surprise from my friend Massimo Borri: a third 3d model! And this time it’s a truck :-) So I think I won’t need anything else for this first release (I’ll simply work on textures for these models, and I’ll work on background models and texture – once I’m ok with the coding).

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