Doomed Looters (#7DRL) – mobile porting

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Ok, 7DRL 2016 is closed, so there’s no time for updates, but that doesn’t mean I can keep on working of this game (outside of the competition, I mean). First thing to add is mobile porting. I’ve added a virtual pad, taken from Down There assets, and yup, in less than one hour I have Doomed Looters running on my old iPhone 4. I also shipped main source code to Andrea Capitani, and he did the same magic to build an Android APK.

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That’s good? Almost, but not. UI has too small buttons in dialogs, and there are few things to add to make the game usable in a correct way on a mobile device. We want also to add remote Leaderboard and Achievements (this idea was there from the start, of course). And, well, we got an unexpected framerate problem – dued to the global shadow effect I guess. Nothing I cannot solve, but, well, I need to do that. It’s a small game, it should run fine on every device.
And, well, it’s time also to add some sound FX (I was able to “mount” just a soundtrack) so to have something more complete, to hit stores.
If we don’t get lost with other things I guess Android version should be on Google Play within the week (iOS time, well, it depends on Apple decision, as it’s by design)

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