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I know this things are not related, but, well, Xmas is not so far, and I discovered this great event: Charity Game Jam. That suggests to create (or remodel) a videogame, and to add in its main section a button, linking to a Charity – so that players can donate to help someone at our choice if (I suppose this is the point, but I can be wrong) they want to “pay” for the fun they had. A way for us programmer to morph our time and efforts in players money for the ones in need.

Time frame for the project is very strict (at this moment the time left is less than three days) and so I’m not sure at all to be able to submit something in time. But, well, I think that this idea is worth a try.

What I want to do is something similar to a race game (a very simple one – more an endless run, perhaps) – called Ambulance Duty TURBO (“turbo” is the keyword the people behind Charity Game Jam suggest to add at the end of the game). Your goal is to drive thru a virtual city faster and faster, in order to reach check points (to pick up someone or drugs, to drop someone or drugs), without colliding with other vehicles. In the time I’ll be able to put in this thing I’ll try to add more elements to the play or the “plot” – but this is my minimum goal. Let’s see what I’ll be able to do :-)

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