Charity Game Jam (one hour left – 85 listed games!)

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Don’t worry, this is NOT another post about an update of my game (it’s already listed, and any other changes will be done less in a hurry). It’s just my way to say thanks to Charity Game Jam people for their idea and their great work handling everything (including twitter posts) and my way to show my respect and admiration to everyone of the great programmers who decided to put some of their time building a game for this event. Hey, at this moment there are 85 games done for CGJam. Eighty-Five. A pretty cool number for a charity thing, isn’t it :-)? I’m going to check at least most of them in the following days – but I’ve already seen some really wonderful games. I hope you’re all going to give them a look too. And, yup, donate for them. Because, as I already stated several times, that’s the point, after all :-)



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