Bloody Guillotine 3D – making of

I’m sure you really don’t need to know how this little app was born – even if it’s going to be our major hit on Android market (so far). But while we’re pretty surprised about this download sequence, we’re obviously happy about it – and so we simply can’t help :-)

Ok, ok, of course there’s no need to make a short story long, but well, after the flop of roboXcape (that we still consider a great game, and that we hope can have a second chance around) Andrea Capitani (the other half of MarcoGiorgini production since easySoccer) suggested to try a killer app, instead a new complex game. I was not so sure about that (and I was already working on something bigger), but then he wrote down some ideas, and well, they were good – and they required small developing time – so they’re surely worth a try.  And between his suggestions the one that we decided to work on was the one in this picture:

Not too much to add, but that, even if everything was stripped to the bones, we (he in the first place) put a lot of effort to make a simple thing looking at its most: search engine wise app name, nice icon, music, sound effects, 3d objects and background. Can this be the reason of this relative success? Actually we don’t think so.  At the end of the day probably it’s just the game mechanic (killer app are better on mobile), the fact it’s a free game with not annoying ads, and, well, some sprinkles of magic due to an unpredictable right timing. Indeed while BG3D works great on Android Market (I mean, great for us) it’s simply good on iPhone.

Anyway we consider this opportunity a very good one to increase our visibility – and to advertise our current and future apps – so thanks everybody for your downloads, and well, thanks even for your criticisms – because that too means  you think we were worth some of your spare time :-)

Ah – in case you wonder, yes, we’re working on something new. Two projects at the same time (more or less as usual), small, even if bigger than Bloody Guillotine. One it’s a new word game (2D), and the other one (that should have a real Heavy Metal Band composing the soundtrack!) is a 3D killer app – top secret for now :-)

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