And, yes, I just did a deploy :-) (AD Turbo #7)

Ambulance Duty TURBO

While there are still nine hours missing before the deadline for the #charitygamejam, I’m really happy to say that I’ve been able to press publish button on Google Android Dashboard few minutes ago (I used Andrea Capitani‘s account, as I usually do for Marco Giorgini Production games – and he did testing and building for this game, too). So I hope to be able to submit my entry on Charity Game Jam official site within half an hour (the time needed for the game link to be visible)

Ah, the game should work on phones, and 7 or 10 inches tablets. It’s free (of course) – but I’ll be glad if you consider donating to MSF thru it (that was the point, after all).

This is the official page for Ambulance Duty TURBO – so bookmark it (or come back here)  to see when also the iOS version will be on Apple Store (I developed that, but a week at least is needed for arriving on their store – and this if everything’s compliant)

A special thanks to Massimo Borri for his 3d models (Ambulance Duty TURBO would look poorer without them) and of course to Andrea Capitani, who supported me for Android related last minute fixes.

P.S. in case you wonder – this game (c code+openGL)  required me more or less 20 hours of work (coding and everything else – including time for creating or selecting gfx&music)

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