Ambulance Duty TURBO (#1)

Ambulance Duty TURBO (study)
For the #charitygamejam my idea is to do the game I described in the previous post in 3D. So, to make a very preliminar test, I used Wings3D and Misfit Model 3D, and I started to create to basic models I need. A piece of street – to start…
Ambulance Duty TURBO (study)
…and of course an ambulance. Ambulance Duty TURBO (study)
And this is how they’d look in my little game – using the framework I’m developing for my mobile production. That’s just a start – of course – and the ambulance model (and its texturing) is all but definitive (and, well, maybe I could have a little help from my friend Max – who knows :-)…)

Anyway – I’ll keep you posted.

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