A new (better) ambulance model :-) (AD Turbo #2)

Ambulance 3D Model (by Massimo Borri)
Yesterday night I was not able to really work on Ambulance Duty TURBO – my little project for #charitygamejam – (I just started to do some test to find the right camera settings, and to put a skyline) but luckly for me my friend Massimo Borri was able (as I hoped :-)…) to send me an improved 3d ambulance model (he works with Blender) – so things will look a lot better. With a bit of luck tonight I should be able to do most of the (initial) work for the game, so to have something “playable” on my iPhone. I’ll keep you updated :-)

P.S. Massimo Borri is not only good with Blender (and other 3D modeling programs) but he’s also a gifted artist. If you want, you can follow his works on his Deviant Art account (yes, just one work at the moment – he will update that web place soon :-)…)

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